Professional background

  • Hired by American Airlines in 1988, Captain Bob Coffman has been based most of his career in Miami, transferring to Miami in the early months of the base opening from New York. He is currently an international captain on the Boeing 767/757 fleet and has flown the B727 and the B777.  Robert (Bob) Coffman served from Spring 2008 to Spring 2016 as the Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee of the Allied Pilots Association (APA), and acted frequently as a senior spokesman for APA leadership. APA is the collective bargaining agent for the 15,000 pilots of American Airlines (NYSE:AAL).

  •  He was also on in the International Alliance Committee (oneworld cockpit crew coalition), as well as participating frequently with the Investor Relations Committee.    His responsibilities included personnel and budget oversight, PAC oversight, hands-on advocacy and sub-contractor relations and selection. Bob’s initial APA work (2004) was to represent the interests of pilots as a member of the US delegation for air services agreements, comprised of members from the Department of State, Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce, other US Government departments and agencies and US airline industry, in negotiations between the United States and the European Union, negotiating US-EU’s first Open Skies agreement. He has since continued in this role and been part of the stakeholder team, observing and participating in most of air services agreements discussions of the last decade, with a large variety of US trading partners, Cuba being the most recent. He has also been the Director of Government Affairs and the Director of International Affairs for the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations.  

  •  Bob has been a frequent speaker on international aviation competition, strategy, and labor issues in forums throughout the world, and served in an advisory role to the US DOT on the ICAO ATRP team. His previous APA experience includes, peer support, communications, contract compliance and implementation. Bob is a member or the International Aviation Club of Washington DC and the Washington Aero Club.   

  •  Bob’s previous flying experience is through both civilian and military channels. He became a certified flight instructor in general aviation before being accepted to US Air Force flight school with the Louisiana Air National Guard. Bob flew the F-4C as a Weapons System Officer and piloted the F-15A before retiring from the military with 20 years of reserve service as a Major in 1996. He had started his military career in 1975, enlisting in the Montana Army National Guard, transferring to the Colorado Air National Guard in 1976. He continues to keep his instructor rating current and is a certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, with an Inspector Authorization.   

  •  Bob is the President of 2D Restoration, Inc, a small business specializing in restoration and owner-assisted inspections of light general aviation aircraft. The business is registered and operates in the state of Montana. Before American Airlines, Robert Coffman was a physicist and was employed by Hughes Aircraft Company as a Systems Analyst. Bob held positions as a member of the technical staff – physicist, and project engineer, working for the Spacecraft and Communications divisions on several projects. 

  • A graduate of the University of Denver, B.S. Physics in 1979, Bob Coffman now resides in Palm Coast, Florida although work keeps him traveling most days abroad.