The Friends of Bob Coffman for Congress Committee would like to announce:

 Major Robert (Bob) Coffman, USAF, Ret.  for Congress

Bob Coffman is running for election to 

Florida District 6, House of Representatives

About Robert Coffman


Why am I running for office?

     Let me tell you why I want to be your Congressman. I am extremely concerned about the direction our country is taking. I am compelled to take action as I don't believe my commitment to this great country as a public servant ended on the day of my retirement from the military. It turns out that I join many other military retirees and citizen political newcomers who feel similarly. The oath I took upon admission into the military makes defending the Constitution of the United States job number one, asking us to give our lives if necessary. That piece of paper expresses a fundamental ideology that seems as though its intent is clouded in the conflict between the partisan extremists of our current political battles. I want to offer the voters of Florida District 6 a candidate who is concerned with the practical issues of governance, policy-making, and legislating, not by bringing governance to a halt.  

 Please check out the rest of my website for my background and credentials, some of my views, and some of my legislative successes. Please avail yourselves of the opportunity to provide feedback and/or follow me on the links to social media. This will be an uphill battle, particularly since “big money” has already aligned itself with other candidates. If you feel as I do, take the opportunity to make a donation. Every dollar will help “right the ship!”  

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Palm Coast, Florida, United States

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