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Special Announcement

To my friends and supporters,

As I contemplated the run for Congress in my home district, FL-06, I did so because I was concerned about the direction our country was heading. I felt an antidote was required. The incumbent was making noises aligning himself with our new president, even though I felt DeSantis should have known better, given his military background. When I sent my documentation to register with the State of Florida, I was the only registered Democrat in the race.  I felt it imperative to rise up and count myself amongst those willing to take a stand against the degradation of the ideology of what it means to be an American and what it means to have common courtesy for one another. I felt and I continue to feel that I would be a good legislator.  

That being said, our campaign system, now even more after the Citizen’s United decision, runs on lots and lots of money. The job of candidate has little to do with public policy and a great deal to do with personal marketing, using ever more sophisticated tools and strategies, to maximize the money coming into the campaign.  Since I started, three additional, well-qualified Democrats have stepped up and entered the race.  As always, timing is everything, and I am still enjoying a solid career at American Airlines.  After discussions with my family and my campaign team, I have decided that the Democratic Party and the country will be best served by my returning to a supporting role in the periphery. While I do not make this decision lightly and I acknowledge the support and contributions of my friends and family, both in money and time, I feel that now is the time to remove my name from consideration on the ballot for US House of Representatives, FL-06.